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What is Network Assessment?

Network architecture, maintenance, 当IT专业人员急于部署解决方案以响应不断变化的公司需求时,优化可能会受到影响. 结果往往是网络基础设施没有得到充分利用, 表现不佳或容易受到网络威胁. A comprehensive network assessment can identify and help rectify these problems.

我们的网络评估提供了你的全面检查 IT infrastructure, 从电力和冷却等环境考虑到关键任务应用程序和数据. 我们识别风险,对这些风险进行优先排序,并提供具体的补救建议. And based on our client’s stated business objectives, 我们将概述支持这些目标的长期IT建议.

网络评估是对组织当前信息技术基础设施和性能的评估,以确定需要改进的领域. 也许您已经认识到,您组织中的IT系统已经发展到无法确定网络的每个方面正在发生什么情况的能力. Enterprise Technology Services is skilled in providing analysis 帮助您了解系统、基础设施和流程的当前状态.

When Should a Network Assessment Be Performed?

组织进行网络评估的理想时间是在大规模推出(预计将改变网络结构的性质)之前. 通过在计划推出之前完成网络评估,可以有充足的时间进行彻底的分析并执行必要的决议. 如果您的技术基础设施可能即将结束其生命周期,那么您可能需要考虑进行网络评估.

What a Network Assessment Helps Identify

A network assessment can help identify many issues, but at an advanced level it offers insight into areas, including:

• Security problems

不受管理的网络很可能存在诸如病毒之类的安全问题, malware, or even cybercriminal attacks. 安全问题是一个没有通过防病毒软件维护的网络的结果, appropriate threat scans and other layers of security-related products and processes.

• Bottlenecks that cause performance issues

有几个因素可能会导致在您的网络上形成瓶颈. It could be the number of users during peak times, outdated hardware, or the materials used for connectivity. 网络评估确定了用户密度的主要来源, the devices causing the most congestion, apps that use up the most bandwidth, and network design issues.

• Equipment approaching the end of its lifespan

专业的网络评估可以指出网络上那些由于老化而导致性能下降甚至导致安全问题的硬件. Additionally, 它可以帮助识别固件更新,并允许您的组织为新设备规划预算. 性能问题和旧硬件会导致安全漏洞, especially in this era of data breaches.

The Benefits of Network Assessments

维护一个强大而可靠的网络对您的组织至关重要. 通过ETS的专家做的网络评估,你可以及早发现问题. Some benefits of having Enterprise Technology Services perform a professional network assessment include:

• Improved internal and perimeter security

• Vital network segmentation and asset protection




• Improved cloud security

许多组织没有意识到评估的重要性,直到出现了导致他们的网络崩溃的问题. Enterprise Technology Services 使用最新的网络评估工具,帮助客户建立有效的IT管理策略. As an established managed service provider, ETS has the personnel, expertise, 需要先进的工具来建立和运行网络,因为这是我们每天工作的一部分. 利用我们的经验和知识来完成您的网络的部分或全部安全评估,降低您的风险并节省您的时间. 我们从开始到结束管理整个项目,所以你可以担心你的生意.

If your organization is in need of some managed IT services help, contact 我们将进一步了解我们在Phoenix AZ的技术服务,并讨论您的业务需求和解决方案.


Improve network performance and stability

Lower your
operational costs

Increase end user satisfaction


Step 1: Critical Systems Summary – An extensive data collection process using specialty software tools and structured interview and survey techniques; fully document all aspects of current IT environment.

Step 2: Business Impact Analysis – Identify and prioritize risks/opportunities with mission-critical systems; prioritize based on client business objectives.

Step 3: Cost Reduction and Risk Mitigation Plan – Propose plan for infrastructure optimization; tactical recommendations for cost/risk issues, strategic planning and budgeting (if applicable).

Standard Pricing Matrix:

Up to 25 users
up to $3,500
Up to 100 users
Call for Details
Over 100 users

As an ETS client, 您将享受到一种系统的、行之有效的IT管理方法带来的内心的平静!



Client Feedback

“作为一家IT公司,我们已经在许多大型项目上与ETS合作. 他们提供及时、高质量的解决方案,并根据我们的需求进行定制. ETS一直是一个很好的合作伙伴,我们期待着与他们在任何可能的地方合作.”

Brian Cimaglia
Principal Consultant